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Swedish activist to be deported

1 maj 2013
International Solidarity Movement Press Release 29th April 2013. A Swedish activist is to be deported from Israel after peacefully intervening in the wrongful arrest of two Palestinian boys by Israeli soldiers.

A Swedish activist is to be deported from Israel after peacefully intervening in the arrest of two Palestinian boys by Israeli soldiers yesterday. The incident took place in Hebron, where several children from a nearby illegal settlement attacked two Palestinian children as they walked home from school. The soldiers proceeded to arrest the victims of the attack despite the fact that they never struck back.

The soldiers violently grabbed and pushed the children against a wall before arresting them. The soldiers took no action against the settler children who had instigated the attack. One of the Palestinian boys, aged 11, was kicked in the stomach by soldiers in the back of the police car. His brother, aged 12, had his finger prints taken at the police station. They were both released later that day.

During the incident around forty Palestinians, including the head teacher of a nearby school, gathered and insisted that the arrest was unacceptable. Gustav Karlsson from Jonkoping intervened peacefully on behalf of the children and was arrested under the false pretences that he assaulted a soldier. He was subjected to two mock executions when soldiers pointed guns at his head, loaded them and pretended to pull the triggers. He was also beaten and hit with a gun.

His visa has been cancelled by the authorities and he faces deportation any day now. He is currently being held at Givon prison in Israel.

For more information contact:
Gustav Karlsson (the arrested activist) - 0543078179
Ben â€" ISM Hebron coordinator: 0597281362
Lisa â€" ISM international coordinator: 0592295627

Original article: Three Palestinian children aged 10 wrongfully arrested after being attacked by settler children



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